About Valerie Pugsley

Digital Marketing Consultant

Connecting the Pieces to Maximize Your Efforts

I’m so glad you’re here. It’s my goal to add value to your life enabling you to be successful with your business or charitable ventures and add value to those around you. If you’re here, you want to learn more about me.

The short version is I help action-taking people who are willing to learn and who want to help others either through their business or through giving or volunteering to charities.  This help comes through consulting and coaching with your marketing and mindset by Connecting the Pieces based on where you are at right now to Maximize Your Efforts. [Get a free gift and weekly tips]


Now for the longer version.

Just as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle must be connected to form a complete picture, a business has many pieces that must be correctly joined to become successful. Some of these pieces are marketing and social media, of course, but other often-overlooked pieces are the mindset, outsourcing, and leverage.

While I wasn’t especially close with my dad, he gave me two great gifts: first, an entrepreneurial spirit. The second is what I call “Connecting the Pieces.” You see, no matter what we would talk about my dad seemed to have read something about it at some time in his life and remembered it and could apply it to our conversation. At one point I thought he had a photographic memory, at least for things he’d read. My gift though is more of remembering the things I’ve heard, experienced or learned along the way to benefit those I’m speaking with.

As a teacher for over 20 years, sharing the things I’ve learned, in the hopes of serving others is second nature. Curious since a child, wanting to know how things work, asking questions, in order to learn more and make things better creates knowledge and wisdom that can serve and benefit. Experience in retail, workers compensation and property management has given me exposure to, and the ability, to work with many types of people. My exposure to Internet Marketing began in 2008, and from the beginning, my passion has been helping the small business owner us the Internet and digital tools in a way to benefit their business.

The foundation for all digital marketing starts with an email list and is the best and often the first investment I’ll recommend for your marketing budget. Among other things, it’s where you nurture relationships until the time is right for people to purchase your product or service. Yet, it is the one many shy away from or put on the back burner. Join this list to see how to add value. There are things I only share there, plus you’ll get a free gift.

The other thing that is foundational is one’s mindset, learning to think from a place of possibility and responsibility rather than passivity and reacting, the latter creates a victim versus a victor perspective, failure versus success. Because of the massive growth in my own life in this area, I am able to see it in others and help them develop ways to overcome it.

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