I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Blogging with John Chow. If you’re using a blog as a part of your business plan, and for many businesses it should be, this would be a useful tool for training yourself, or a staff member. I will share some of the reasons below.

Program’s Interface

Once you get access into the program, the interface is clean and easy to navigate. You can choose to access the modules from tabs at the top of the page or use the side for bar. John Chow is famous in the blogging and making money online community. So, the information in each of the modules is thorough and sound. While the program is geared more towards someone wanting to use blogging as their business model, the information is just as good for a business wanting a blog as part of their business website. Blogging works to increase customer engagement, and keep the site from becoming stagnant and stale, both will negatively affect your sites ability to be found by the search engines.

Two of my Favorite Sections

The Automation Empire module is very informative and the templates John provides as well as his tips and tricks will be an asset if you plan on outsourcing any of the work. My other favorite part is the 30 day action plan. You’re only allowed to go so far ahead, giving you time to complete each daily assignment. Building the right foundation will give you a better chance of being successful with your blog.
If you are able to get Blogging With John Chow while the prices are still discounted, it’s a steal and you’ll be glad you did. No matter what the prices when you enter, John has a generous 60 day guarantee. So take the leap, check it out and see if it’s right for you.