Have you ever gotten Business Holiday Cards from a doctor, insurance agent or other service providers? On the one hand, it’s nice they acknowledged you, on the other hand, it doesn’t really mean much. You might put it up with the other cards for decoration, but then you throw them away. In talking with a chiropractor recently and I asked him if he sent holiday cards and he said he tried it once but didn’t feel like it worked. When asked what he did, he said he sent a card with a promotional flier in it. That’s why it didn’t work! If you’re going to send a holiday card, send a holiday card. If you’re going to send a promotion, send a promotion, but don’t combine the two. Holiday Business Cards

My dentist does something unique, he sends a letter at Thanksgiving. I actually look forward to them, their different and focused on thankfulness. A friend in a direct sales business sent me a card that had a sentiment on the front and a nice note inside. That card saved and put on my desk because I liked the saying. As a business owner, consider sending something not for Christmas, but for Thanksgiving or New Years that has something on both the outside and inside that the recipient will actually like putting on their desk to look at and when they do they will remember you.

An Automated System to Send Your Business Holiday Cards

You can use a tool like SOC to design and automate the process as well as brand the back of the card and save money doing it. Done correctly you can brighten someone’s day and bring more revenue to your business. If you’d like help with this, set up and account here or send me an email. Send Out Cards