What is a customer avatar? It is a picture, a dossier of your ideal client. This can be a difficult task, because many people feel like they are limiting themselves by doing this. If it makes you feel any better, you can have two but I wouldn’t go to more then three. As time goes on you can make different ones for different campaigns or as your business goals change.

I think the best example of how this works and isn’t limiting is Facebook. They started out as a network for students at Harvard University, later they expanded to Boston area colleges, the other universities, etc., now its for anyone 13 yrs old and up.

So back to you some things to look at are age, gender, location, interests, etc. This will enable you to create offers, content, etc in such a way to attract that person. If your not sure where to start, think of you favorite customers and start with them.

Another place you can look, if you have a Facebook page, is your Facebook analytics. For me using my analytics my target would be a women, small business owners, 49 yrs old. Once you get this you need to start fleshing it out even more, become that costumer. On the blog Early to Rise they have a great post that walks you through building one.

I had one coach recommend taking this info with a picture from the Internet that matches that persona, printing it and putting it up in your work space to remind you who you’re speaking to whenever you write a blog post, create and offer, etc.

Work on yours now and in the comments below post three things about your customer Avatar.