A lot of small business owner go to networking events, spending time and money to make new connections. They may send one follow-up email or schedule a one-to-one, and that’s it.

Others will spend money on Facebook ads or Google Adwords to get leads, but they direct these leads to a one time action, without getting contact information and putting them into a value adding follow-up.

Most of the time it takes many touches before someone is going to buy. Having a follow-up system is vital, and an automated system is even better.

On the March 23rd & April 13th Inspired Marketing & More call, we’re going to talk about Follow-up. On the March call it will be an overview of the different types with examples for different industries. In April we’ll be doing hot seats and coming up with outlines for your business, based on your goals.

If you’re reading this and the live call as passed, you can get access to the replays, when you become a member.  Get more information here, and I look forward to meeting you on the next call.