Kids often ask “Why” when told to do something. My oldest used this tactic often, then when she got the answer she’d ask “Why” again and again. This could go on for some time and while I suspected she was asking to avoid doing what she’d been asked to do, turns out she may have been on to something. 

Simon Sinek did a Ted Talk called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. This is important, because whether it’s our lifestyle, personal relationships, employment or business if our WHY is not big enough we’ll procrastinate, sabotage, avoid, or only give it a halfhearted effort. With poor results, we aren’t motivated to push through and get better. Don’t let the title fool you, even if you don’t think you have anyone to lead, you still need to lead yourself. The better you lead yourself, the better results you’ll get in all areas of your life.


 Need help determining your WHY?

Typically if you’re why is just about making money it won’t be enough. Why do you want to make money? In other words who, besides yourself do you want to help with money? Why do you want to help them? Why….? Keep going with your whys until you feel that emotional tug, when you get it that’s your real reason why.  You can also have someone else as you the whys and when you start getting very animated and passionate when you’re talking, look there for you WHY.

Knowing your why will help when you run into technical difficulties, you have one of THOSE days, you have to deal with paperwork or  legal  stuff. To help remember your WHY and keep it top-of-mind, write it down and review it regularly (daily or weekly). Post it on your wall or desktop, make it a part of your morning routine. 

Reviewing your WHY regularly will also help you make better choices. When opportunities and other people’s agendas come your way, you can check them against your why and see if it’s a fit. 

If you’re having difficulty determining your WHY get someone to help you. Schedule a one time call with me or apply for ongoing 1-2-1s, then once we get your WHY, we can strategize your next steps. 

In my experience, most need someone else to help them discover this, myself included. Recently I went to a mastermind and wanted to test out some text I was going to be using on my new website. I was pretty excited because I thought I had landed on what it was going to be. But I was off, I was focusing on a process and not my core gift and passion. It took others to listen and hear and give me feedback, including the coach who has known me for a while.

This is why I encourage you, whether you choose me to help you or someone else to get feedback from another person.

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