Keyword research for Youtube video optimization, what does that mean anyway? Believe it or not I did some keyword research to come up with that title. What this means is that if you do a little research and include the words your audience is using, your YouTube video is more likely to be found.

Often times we think of a video or message we want to share with others. Typically we think in terms of language that is industry specific. That means while the information may have value for the intended audience, they won’t find it. Why? Because when they search for what your talking about they use different terms. The example in the video below is related to skin care. Currently I’m planning an interview with Terri Olsen of HR Prescriptions. When I put in the terms she sent me for our topic I get employee performance reviews. This is not our topic. I’m still doing the research and will update this post when I’m finished. Does this mean we’ll talk about something different? No, our topic will basically remain the same, we’ll just change the language so that those who will benefit have a better chance of finding it. That’s what is meant by optimization.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to do the keyword research. I hope that before you make a video for your Small Business you do a little keyword research first. This step will not only help you get organic traffic from YouTube and Google but will help more people benefit from your message.

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