I’m writing a book, I Have a LinkedIn Account – Now What? Establish a 15-minute-a-day habit to stay top-of-mind and get found. The purpose of that book is to help get your profile optimized, get you exposure and develop a daily LinkedIn habit. (When it’s published there will be a link to it here.) If you’ve applied it, you now have a profile and a habit and are ready to take LinkedIn to the next level. Whether that’s for job search, getting business leads, promoting your business or something else, you are now more likely to be successful implementing the practices prescribed in the books below.

While these are Amazon affiliate links, I’m recommending
them because on cursory research I believe they will help you in there stated goals. If you find them helpful, let me know and while your at it give the author a kind review.

LinkedIn Lift – Resumes, Recruiters, & Reinventing Your Career Thru LinkedIn Profile Optimization
“Leveraging the expertise of an SEO Expert who gets 300+ Profile Views every 90-days, you will Keyword optimize your LinkedIn Profile, and also create a Keyword optimized Resume.” While I covered some keyword info in my book this will be much more extensive, as I’m not an SEO expert.

Maximum Success with LinkedIn: Dominate Your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams
“Maximum Success with LinkedIn, Second Edition…. It explains how to use LinkedIn to find customers, partners, investors, or advisers; build a personal brand; build networks; find and land the perfect job; develop business relationships; and much more.“ The first six chapters cover a lot of what my book covers although the may be a few tidbits that I didn’t mention. The rest of the book is the next level which you will more like succeed at now that you if you already have a habit of checking into LinkedIn

Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing: An Unofficial, Practical Guide to Selling & Developing B2B Business on LinkedIn
“This was one of the first major books about LinkedIn and is still one of the best, if not THE best… from the basics of how to set up your professional profile to using LinkedIn as a lead generator… The book is comprehensive in content, yet not difficult to understand for those with little to no exposure to this social media platform. Highly recommend this book;.. “ One reviewer didn’t like this because it was too basic so check the table of contents first to see if you’ll benefit

LinkedIn For College Students
“LinkedIn for College Students will teach you the most important lesson you will ever learn: How to build the relationships that will get you that dream job before you graduate. Start using LinkedIn NOW.” This book was written by a local to me LinkedIn expert who I’ve gleaned some tips from. Have daughters in there twenties I hope they’ll read this book.

Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits     “Even if you can only invest 5 staff hours and a mobile and social media budget of $1,000 annually, your nonprofit must invest in mobile and social media.” — Heather Mansfield Not just about LinkedIn, but has a section on it as well as other platforms.

My favorite resource though isn’t a book, but a course, called Linked Influence. This is the course I used and continue to reference regarding LinkedIn. This is an online tutorial, and one of the things I like about it, when ever they update the course, you get lifetime access to updates. With a platform like LinkedIn, this is vital as things are always changing.