In any small business the owner is often doing many things. At some point whether just smart business planning or the result of a health scare they realize they can’t do it all. One solution to that could be Many of the “gigs” will only cost $5, however there are add-ons that will got more. I get a lot of graphic work done there and in order to get the source file so that you can edit it in the future will cost extra, anywhere from $5 to $20 on average. The nice thing is you can wait to see if you like the work to decide if you want to buy the extra. The categories I’ve used most are Graphic & Design and Video & Animation. They have other categories including Writing & Translation, Advertising, Business and more.

One of the keys to being satisfied with the out come is to read the gig description carefully. I have found sometimes I’ll read more into it because the examples they show may have extras added and I include that in my expectation but when I look carefully I realize it’s not in the description. Another thing that helps is giving clear instructions. Often I will illustrate either with their work or others the things I like and don’t like. A great tool to accomplish this is Jing by Techsmith In the video below you’ll see some more tips for finding a good provider on Fiverr.

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