As a small business it is likely that you will do some sort of marketing campaign at some point in time, especially if you want to scale and grow beyond just yourself. The problem is many small business owners either don’t do any marketing, or run campaigns and think they are marketing. Having a marketing plan in place with several components will make your campaign efforts much more effective.

Whatever campaign you choose it’s vital that you’re ready for it, you have a way to track your results and capture your leads. If you don’t have a way to track your results how will you know if its effective. Many small business owners will only track dollars as a result, and this is important but there are other things to track. Your campaign may bring you more traffic, but not the sales you were expecting. If you’re only tracking $ you’ll miss a lot of valuable learning and future dollar$. In this situation you may even miss that you had increased traffic. Other things to consider is the offer may be a good as it resulted in traffic, but the lack of sales could be an issue of sales staff, employee or owner attitudes, appearance of store or staff or something else altogether.

As you watch this video and see the different types of marketing campaigns keep in mind that while a small business marketing campaign can be a useful piece of your overall marketing plan it’s just that a piece. Additionally to be effective and to make future campaigns effective you need to track more than just the dollars as well as having a system to capture the leads you get as a result of the campaign.

This video talks about some of the different types of small business marketing campaigns.

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